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Multidisciplinary artist


I create images, performances, installations, designs and photographs of contemporary art for the purpose of self-irony, research of the nature of Human being and the nature of joy.

I create with the help of bright colors - fantasy-poetic worlds of dreams f our inner happy child.

With the help of photography, theatrical performances and images and installations, I reveal and explore the psychology and philosophy of Being and Non-Being of Man through a comic form and self-irony and metaphorical images.

 I consider the main goal of my creativity to be joy through the return of my perception of the world here and now and with harmony with myself and with nature around through creation and through all organs of perception of the world.

My mission is to return the innate joy of creativity, theatricalization of life,  potential, uniting with like-minded people to create a more harmonious and environmentally friendly world with yourself, around you and with the surrounding nature

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